Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are getting more and more popular, for gaming as well as typing. With their rise in popularity, the amount of manufacturers and keyboard models has grown too. The market is more complex now and it's not that easy anymore, to find the best mechanical keyboard for your needs. was created to offer guidance in this matter.

Here you will find a basic introduction to mechanical keyboards and their advantages, current news and an overview of the best mechanical keyboards. Additionally, there are various guides to answer frequently asked questions about mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical Keyboard vs Regular Keyboard

What is a mechanical keyboard? At first glance, a mechanical keyboard doesn't look so different than a rubber dome or scissor switch keyboard. It's probably a bit bigger and less flat, but apart from that, it looks pretty much the same. The big difference lies inside the keyboard. While regular keyboards use rubber domes inside of each key, mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches. Mechanical switches wear out way slower and have a much higher expected lifespan. More about the differences and advantages of mechanical keyboards vs regular keyboards can be found in our article about the advantages of mechanical keyboards.

Top Mechanical Keyboards

The mechanical keyboard toplist offers an overview of the top mechanical keyboards and their reviews. collects reviews and opinions from experts and tech magazines. It uses a unique algorithm to aggregate and evaluate these reviews and calculate a single score. This score makes an easy comparison of different mechanical keyboards possible.