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Fnatic Streak / Ministreak

The Fnatic Streak is a gaming keyboard introduced in spring 2018. Fnatic is one of the leading esports organizations and known for many successful players and teams in various games, for example in League of Legends, Counter Strike, FIFA or Fortnite. Under the brand name Fnatic Gear, the organization is creating keyboards, mice and other esports equipment which is also used by their own players.

Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming and Work

As one would expect from a keyboard from an esports organization, the Fnatic Streak offers many features for gamers. All keys are provided with RGB illumination, i.e., each key can be lit in one of about 16.8 million colors. While the keyboard works fine out of the box, the keyboard’s software, called OP, allows you to configure many aspects of the Fnatic Streak. It offers various illumination presets and gives you the ability to individually assign any color to any key. Moreover, you can reassign any key as you wish and record powerful macros. Even special keys like Shift, Alt or Space can be reprogrammed. Multiple profiles can be managed so that you can create application-specific configurations and quickly switch between them. The keyboard further provides a special “competition mode” which can be activated/deactivated by a simple key press. While in competition mode, the windows key is disabled, and the illumination is set to a decent, non-distracting setting. The exact settings of this competition mode can also be adjusted by the software.

Fnatic Streak Box Contents
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Fnatic Streak for Work

Even though the Fnatic Streak is without a doubt a gaming keyboard, it also is fitted well for typing and working. The magnetic wrist rest, supporting three adjustable height-levels, makes even long sessions of working / playing easily enjoyable. The USB passthrough allows you to plug in another device directly at the keyboard. Furthermore, the Fnatic Streak features a mechanical volume wheel and dedicated media controls for muting the volume as well as for muting the microphone.

Convenient USB Passthrough
PU Leather Wrist Rest

Cherry MX Switches

With its metal top plate and original Cherry MX switches, the keyboard is built to last. There are four switch types to choose from: Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Silent. The available choices depend on the keyboard layout though, not all types are available for all layouts.

When you buy the Fnatic Streak, you can choose between several options of Cherry MX Switches. This picture shows the keyboard with Cherry MX Red Silent Switches.

Fnatic Streak / Ministreak

The Fnatic Ministreak is a tenkeyless variant of the keyboard. In comparison to the standard version of the Fnatic Streak, there is no numpad, no USB passthrough and no volume wheel. In exchange, the keyboard is obviously much more compact. Moreover, the USB cable is detachable which makes the Fnatic Ministreak easier to transport. Most of the remaining features stay the same, so the tenkeyless keyboard also comes with dedicated media controls and RGB lighting. The wrist rest was originally also included (for the versions with Cherry MX Red / Blue / Brown), but the newer versions with Cherry MX Silent or Kailh Speed Silver don’t have one anymore.

Fnatic Streak65

In 2021, Fnatic released the Streak65, a keyboard even smaller than the Ministreak. The Fnatic Streak65 features a 65% form factor and low-profile switches.

Versions: Fnatic Streak | Fnatic Ministreak

Tech Specs for Fnatic Streak

Dimensions: 440 x 141 x 36 mm
Weight: 962 g
Connection: USB (2 ports)
Illumination: Yes (RGB)
Cable Length: 220 cm
Key Rollover: NKRO
Numpad: Yes
Macro Keys: No macro keys
Media Keys: Dedicated media controls
USB Passthrough: Yes
Switches: Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Silent Red
Keycaps: Laser etched ABS keycaps
Extras: With palm rest, fully programmable
Available since: May. 2018
Dimensions: 360 x 142 x 36 mm
Weight: 704 g
Connection: USB
Illumination: Yes (RGB)
Cable Length: 220 cm
Key Rollover: NKRO
Numpad: No
Macro Keys: No macro keys
Media Keys: Dedicated media controls
USB Passthrough: No USB Passthrough
Switches: Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Silent Red, Kailh Speed Silver
Keycaps: Laser etched ABS keycaps
Extras: With palm rest, fully programmable
Available since: May. 2018

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Fnatic Streak - LED Backlit Full RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue Switches - Ergonomic Wrist Rest - Premium Pro Esports Gaming Design
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November 4, 2020

4 out of 5 stars

"‘Silver Speed’ mechanical switches make for a refined gaming keyboard that expertly packs the features and performance of the original Streak into a compact, tenkeyless form factor. Although it might be aimed at tournament competitors, the Mini Streak is sure to garner praise from any gamers who prefer a compact keyboard."

Read the full review.

PC Gamer

October 2, 2020

75 out of 100 points

"The Fnatic Ministreak makes a strong case for gaming, but it's not quite a one-size-fits-all gaming keyboard."

Read the full review.

Tweak Town

October 10, 2019

98% overall rating

"The STREAK is an attractive and sleek mechanical keyboard with just enough features to get you through the day! Carrying all of the things we loved about the miniSTREAK, it is only natural that we would love the STREAK just as much."

Read the full review.


November 5, 2018

9 out of 10 points

"FNATIC once again ticks all of the boxes with this keyboard. It looks great, is extremely function, and is backed up with great software. "

Read the full review.

PC World

August 17, 2018

4.5 out of 5 stars

"The second-generation Fnatic Streak is one of the best mechanical keyboard deals on the market, with full RGB lighting and real Cherry MX keys for under $150 - and a gorgeous design, too."

Read the full review.


August 11, 2018


"Fnatic has crafted a superb gaming keyboard that would be an ideal companion for game streamers, and gamers alike, especially if they opt for the Cherry MX Red or MX Red Silents."

Read the full review.


August 6, 2018

4.4 out of 5 stars

"Both the Fnatic Streak and miniStreak RGB mechanical keyboards are outstanding and as such, deserve our gold awards. On top of this, both models also get our design awards due to their good quality construction and elegant aesthetics; not to mention the wrist rests are the best I've ever come across from ANY mechanical keyboard."

Read the full review.

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