Corsair K70 MAX

Corsair K70 Max

The Corsair K70 Max is a gaming keyboard with magnetic-mechanical switches. It is available since August 2023.

Gaming Keyboard with Innovative Switches

With the K70 Max, Corsair presents its newest switch innovation: the Corsair MGX switches use magnets to recognize actuation. No physical contact is required. This gives a lot of flexibility to the user, as he can freely define the actuation point anywhere between 0.4 mm and 3.6 mm. It also makes dual-point actuation possibly, i.e., performing two actions within a single keypress.

The Corsair K70 MAX features magnetic-mechanical switches

Well-Approved Design

The first Corsair K70 model was released about 10 years ago. The fundamental design stayed pretty much the same in all those years. Anyone who has ever owned a K70, will immediately feel familiar with the K70 Max. The keyboard comes with dedicated keys to control lighting settings and to switch through profiles. In the upper right corner, we have media controls and volume wheel while status indicators are shown in middle of the keyboard, next to the Corsair logo. With an aluminum frame and robust PBT double-shot keycaps, the keyboard was clearly designed with durability in mind.

The design of the K70 Max is well-tested

Ready to Play

The Corsair K70 Max is designed to be your ultimate battle station. For starters, it is obviously great to have the possibility of configuring an actuation point of your own choosing. In this way, you can try out different settings and optimize your gaming performance. But that’s by far not all the keyboard has to offer. It features full n-key rollover, 8000 Hz polling rate, pretty RGB lighting, a dedicated gaming mode and of course – the possibility to remap any keys you want via iCUE software. Moreover, a magnetic wrist rest is included in the package contents.

Tech Specs for Corsair K70 Max

Dimensions: 442 x 166 x 39 mm
Weight: 1388 g
Connection: USB
Illumination: Yes (RGB)
Cable Length: 180 cm
Key Rollover: NKRO
Numpad: Yes
Macro Keys: No macro keys
Media Keys: Dedicated media controls
USB Passthrough: No USB Passthrough
Switches: Corsair MGX
Keycaps: Double-shot PBT keycaps
Extras: With palm rest, fully programmable
Available since: Aug. 2023

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CORSAIR K70 MAX RGB Magnetic-Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard - Adjustable Actuation MGX Switches - Rapid Trigger Mode - PBT Double-Shot Keycaps - iCUE Compatible - QWERTY NA Layout - Black
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PC Gamer

September 6, 2023

80 out of 100 points

"A competitive gamer's dream with extremely fast switches and high polling rates, it's only the Corsair K70 Max's typing experience not being best-in-class that feels like a miss for the money."

Read the full review.

Tom's Guide

August 30, 2023

4.5 out of 5 stars

"The Corsair K70 Max might have a familiar design but its magnetic switches and high level of customization arguably make this the company’s best keyboard yet. If you can stomach its high price, this is the keyboard to get if you’re looking to elevate your PC gaming experience."

Read the full review.

Kit Guru

August 10, 2023

6.5 out of 10 points

"The K70 Max is an expensive keyboard and while it does have some good features, like the MGX magnetic switches with their adjustable actuation distances, it is let down by very poorly optimised stabilisers and a typing sound and feel that leaves a lot to be desired. Build quality could also be better, especially around the USB port. The cable moves around a substantial amount when it is connected. Overall, a disappointing keyboard when considering the price."

Read the full review.

Tom's Hardware

August 10, 2023

4 out of 5 stars

"Despite its high price of $230, the level of detail, unique magnetic switches, and high level of customization make the Corsair K70 Max RGB totally worth it."

Read the full review.

Trusted Reviews

August 10, 2023

4.5 out of 5 stars

"The Corsair K70 Max is a fantastic gaming keyboard. Coming with hall-effect switches and an 8000Hz polling rate makes it a game changer and a prime choice for competitive gamers who want to level up their game. It is well made too, and offers powerful software to boot. Just watch out for that high price."

Read the full review.


August 10, 2023

8 out of 10 points

"The Corsair K70 Max brings the adaptability and responsiveness of analog switches to a classic keyboard design. The result is a worthwhile upgrade for anyone serious about competitive gaming."

Read the full review.

PC World

August 10, 2023

4 out of 5 stars

"While it's pricey and extremely niche, the most hardcore gamers who are willing to put in major tweaking time will appreciate how the K70 Max RGB lets you create an incredibly customized control setup for each game. The materials and design have shown major improvements over last year’s model, too."

Read the full review.

PC Mag

August 10, 2023

3.5 out of 5 points

"Targeting extreme tweakers and equipped with adjustable actuation points, Corsair's K70 MAX RGB Magnetic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an impressive, pricey spin on Corsair's iconic K70 line."

Read the full review.

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