Logitech G Pro Keyboard

Logitech G Pro Keyboard

The Logitech G Pro is a compact mechanical keyboard designed to meet the needs of eSports athletes.

Gaming Keyboard for High Mobility

The Logitech G Pro is perfect for people who often have to transport their keyboard or simply have little space on their desk. The slim tenkeyless keyboard is significantly lighter and smaller than, for instance, the G810 or the G910. In addition, the approximately 1.8 m long USB cable is detachable, allowing it to be stowed and transported separately. This decreases the risk of the interface taking any damage.

Apart from that, the Logitech G Pro keyboard offers every feature one could expect of a modern gaming keyboard. The gaming mode deactivates keys that are not needed during the gaming session such as the Windows key or the function keys. 26 key rollover makes sure all commands are transmitted successfully from the keyboard to the system even during hectic moments. The RGB illumination lets the keyboard shine in more than 16 million possible colors. During games, the lighting adapts to the various situations and highlights executable commands in different colors. Here, the Logitech gaming software offers preprogrammed profiles for more than 300 games.

Logitech G Switches, Macros, Multimedia

Using Logitech gaming software, macros can be assigned to keys F1-F12. Although the Logitech G Pro is not equipped with separate multimedia keys, the major playback control features are available via the Fn and function keys. The keyboard was originally sold with proprietary Romer-G switches which, according to manufacturer’s information, can be actuated up to 25 percent faster than traditional switches and are comparably noiseless. This seems to have changed though, as later versions of the keyboard are offered with GX Clicky switches.

Tech Specs for Logitech G Pro

Dimensions: 360 x 153 x 35 mm
Weight: 980 g
Connection: USB
Illumination: Yes (RGB)
Cable Length: 180 cm
Key Rollover: 26KRO
Numpad: No
Macro Keys: No macro keys
Media Keys: Yes (integrated)
USB Passthrough: No USB Passthrough
Switches: Logitech GX Blue, Romer-G Tactile
Extras: -
Available since: Mar. 2017

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Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 16.8 Million Colors RGB Backlit Keys, Ultra Portable Design, Detachable Micro USB Cable
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June 29, 2017

9 out of 10 points

"The Logitech G Pro keyboard is an effective, well-made gaming keyboard with excellent software and a steep price tag."

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Tweak Town

May 6, 2017

98% overall rating

"Logitech G's Pro delivers everything you could possibly need in an sleek looking and compact package."

Read the full review.

Digital Trends

May 4, 2017

9 out of 10 points

"The Logitech G Pro mechanical keyboard is a must-have for eSports athletes and general PC gamers."

Read the full review.

Tom's Guide

March 9, 2017

8 out of 10 points

"For times when space is at a premium, either at a convention or in your home, the Logitech G Pro absolutely nails the small keyboard design."

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