Cherry MX Board 6.0

Cherry MX Board 6.0

The previous MX Board from Cherry was labeled with the number 3.0. Now Cherry decided to skip two numbers and call the new keyboard Cherry MX Board 6.0. Compared to the Cherry MX Board 3.0, which was a cheap mechanical keyboard with hardly any extras, the Cherry MX Board 6.0 is a completely different keyboard. But it’s also much more expensive.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Cherry

Cherry doesn’t really call the MX Board 6.0 a gaming keyboard, but with its red backlight illumination, the win key lock and the full N-Key rollover (possibility to press all keys simultaneously), you could definitely call it so. Additionally, the keyboard is only available with Cherry MX Red switches, which are also typical for gamers. The backlighting is rather basic, only its brightness can be adjusted. Furthermore, the status keys (like the shift key) light up blue, when they are activated.

The keyboard has an aluminium top housing which gives it a classy look. For some additional comfort, there are media controls integrated into the function keys and a rubber palm rest with a magnetic connector.

Tech Specs for Cherry MX Board 6.0

Dimensions: 454 x 147 x 28,4 mm
Weight: 1350 g
Connection: USB
Illumination: Yes (one color)
Cable Length: 200 cm
Key Rollover: NKRO
Numpad: Yes
Macro Keys: No macro keys
Media Keys: Yes (integrated)
USB Passthrough: No USB Passthrough
Switches: Cherry MX Red
Keycaps: Laser etched ABS keycaps
Extras: With palm rest
Available since: Jun. 2015

Mechanical Keyboard Score


The mechanical keyboard score is our overall score for a keyboard. The score is based on the available ratings and critics and makes an easy comparison between different mechanical keyboards possible. It is also used for our mechanical keyboard ranking.



February 20, 2017

8 out of 10

"From a purists point of view this keyboard is one of the most comfortable we’ve ever used and has none of the extra buttons or features that you just don’t need. "

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August 21, 2015

4 out of 5 stars

"Cherry is clearly not trying to step on toes with the MX Board 6.0: it’s well-built, but lacks the features we’d expect."

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Kit Guru

August 12, 2015

7.5 out of 10 points

"While Cherry’s new board nails the basic inputs for gaming and typing, the lack of features and high price tag make this one hard to recommend over the much more well-rounded competition."

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June 29, 2015

4.5 out of 5 stars

"Overall the Cherry MX Board 6.0 is a great looking and well presented keyboard."

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June 25, 2015

3 out of 5 stars

"This swanky-looking mechanical keyboard is a solid performer, but it doesn't offer the depth of features to justify its current price."

(Review not available online)


June 16, 2015

Gold Award

"'Simply the best', the MX Board 6.0 is a high performance, no-nonsense mechanical keyboard where quality gleams inside and out."

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Reviews in other languages

PC Games Hardware

June 16, 2015

Note 1,8

"Sehr wertiges, ergonomisches und voll spielertaugliches Keyboard"

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