Wooting One Kickstarter

Wooting One On Kickstarter

There is an interesting project for gamers on Kickstarter right now: The Wooting one.

Analog Mechanical Keyboard

The Wooting one is a mechanical keyboard that might change PC Gaming as you know it. What’s so special about the Wooting one is that it is an analog keyboard. That means, that they keyboard doesn’t only recognizes the keys you press, but also recognizes how far down you press them. It can tell the difference between a cautious tap and a full push. How is that useful? Well, analog inputs can be used in games to control the movements. E.g. a character could move slowly or fast, depending on how far down a key is pressed. Especially racing games might profit from analog controls, as it allows more precise inputs.

The following Kickstarter video introduces the Wooting one and shows some possibilities of analog controls in gaming:

Many games already support analog inputs, because game pads are usually also analog controllers. If analog gaming keyboards get more common, the amount of games with support for it might increase further. But of course, not all games will support the analog controls of the Wooting one. Therefore, the Wooting team added a key to switch the mode of the keyboard from analog to digital and vice versa. So the worst case should be, that you end up with a “normal mechanical keyboard” for some games.

Gaming Keyboard with many Extras

Not only the analog controls make the Wooting one a nice mechanical gaming keyboard, it is also well equipped with typical gaming features. The keyboard comes with full RGB backlighting, N-Key rollover and a choice of two switch types: silent linear red switches or clicky non-linear blue switches. It offers easy multimedia key access and allows to set up macros for arbitrary keys. The Wooting one is a tenkeyless keyboard and therefore has no numpad. But some fans already asked for a keyboard version with numpad, so there might be one available in the future.

Wooting One on Kickstarter

The project has reached its Kickstarter goal of € 30.000 within only seven hours. Soo, it will be happening… 😉 The project is open for 20 more days and there are two options available: the standard package for € 139 and the premium package for € 199. Both packages include the keyboard, a keycap puller and some extra switches to test. The premium package adds another keycap puller, a full set of extra switches, an exclusive top plate and a Sprinkle backers T-shirt. Delivery is planned for November, 2016. Further information about the Kickstarter packages, the team behind the keyboard and their plans for the future can be found in the Wooting Developer Blog.

  1. Too bad they stole this patented idea from Aimpad. Even down to the graphics on their webpage is stolen from Aimpad. And, Aimpad is much nicer mechanical keyboard with better software and uses Cherry MX keys.

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