Razer IPadPro

New Razer Low-Profile Switches

Razer introduces a new product: a mechanical keyboard case for the Apple iPad Pro. The device comes with Bluetooth connectivity, a metal kickstand and backlight illumination. It’s available now at RazerStore.com and will cost $169.99 in the U.S. or €189.99 in the EU.

The most interesting thing about the device lies beneath its surface: the new low-profile mechanical switch from Razer. The switch features a true actuation and reset point, presses are registered with 70 grams of force. The manufacturer promises “the exact same performance and feel as a full-fledged mechanical keyboard”, while having a “form factor that’s slim enough to accompany a mobile device”. We will see, if these promises come true and are excited to see, which other devices will be equipped with the new Razer Low-Profile Switches.

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