Corsair K100 RGB with optical switches

Corsair presents K100 RGB with optical switches

The new Corsair K100 RGB is a hot candidate for the title of the best and fastest gaming keyboard. Packed with tons of features it leaves basically nothing to be desired. The keyboard presents several innovations like a higher polling rate, a multifunctional digital control wheel and new optical switches. But also a USB passthrough, NKRO, a gaming mode, dedicated macro keys, profile management with on-board storage, a palm rest, swappable keycaps and neat media controls are available. The keyboard’s RGB illumination is fantastic and not only illuminates all keys but also the sides and the top of the keyboard.

So far, Corsair‘s mechanical keyboards always featured Cherry MX switches. Thanks to a cooperation between the both companies, Corsair even got exclusive rights to use new switches for a certain time after their introduction. The Corsair K100 RGB still offers the option of Cherry MX Speed, but also introduces new Corsair OPX switches. These are optical (also called opto-mechanical) switches which means that they actuate by establishing a light signal instead of a metal contact. The trend to optical switches therefore seems to slowly pick up pace. The Razer Huntsman Elite, which also features optical switches, was one of the best-selling gaming keyboards within the last few years.

Corsair K100 RGB – Price and Availability

The Corsair K100 RGB is available immediately, but it might take a few weeks until most retailers and distributors have it in stock. With a price of 229.00 USD or 249.00 EUR, the keyboard is clearly positioned in the premium segment. The high price tag might be repelling at first, but it’s not unreasonable, you really get something for you money.

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